5 Simple Steps to Help You Create Your Own Sprint Triathlon Training Program

Is this the year you compete in a sprint triathlon? The following is are few simple triathlon program and training schedule steps to assist triathlete beginners in preparing for their first sprint triathlon training program.

Step One: Determine Your Goal

It is important to ensure that you set SMART goals. This means that the goals you set for yourself should be specific, measurable, accurate, realistic and timely. If you are in the process of training for a particular triathlon such as a local sprint triathlon competition, then we can say that you already have a realistic and specific goal. What you need to work on next is developing the goal in to something measurable accurate and timely. An illustration of a great goal is “to participate and achieve a time of 1 hour or less in the sprint triathlon 2012.” Knowing where you are and where you are headed is the first step towards achieving your goal.

Step Two: Assess Your Strengths and Weaknesses

Many novice triathletes miss out on the important phase of developing their triathlon program due to their excitement, and end up rushing to jump into training. So what is the importance of determining our strengths and weakness? Well imagine you are at an unknown location, but have a map and are trying to get to the triathlon starting point. There is no way you can make it to the starting point if you don’t know where you currently are.

Assessing your strengths and weakness can be a tricky affair especially if you are doing it on your own. Keeping a record of fitness, health and skill tests you undergo in your sprint triathlon 2012 training program can be a great help when it comes to pinpointing problem areas that require special attention and improvement.

Step Three: Set Your Volume

This step requires you to have a rough template of your weekly schedule or calendar, and pen. The term “volume” refers to the amount of training in terms of hours or distance you are going to complete each week. In order to be productive, set an effective training volume for your upcoming sprint triathlon 2012 competition. The following factors need to be taken in to consideration:

  1. Amount of available time you have to train
  2. Amount of time you wish to dedicate towards training
  3. Triathlon training goals (most triathlete beginners generally set three to five hours a week aside for training whereas more experienced or seasoned athletes train for 10 to 15 hours a week or more).

Step Four: Decide on Intensity

This step is generally thought of by most triathletes and triathlete trainers as the money maker. Intensity here refers to how hard you train. There are basically two types of training sessions when it comes to the discussion of training intensity – these are speed and endurance. Though one of your goals may be to beat a particular overall triathlon time record it is important to keep in mind that overdoing things by training too hard can lead to injury and negative results, like burnout.

Step Five: Continuous Improvement

The final step involves you continuously assessing yourself by reviewing training session achievements or lack of achievements and adjusting your sprint triathlon 2012 training program to meet your needs.

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